Maintaining a delicate balance in the utilisation of natural resources and staying in accordance with government regulations, is crucial for industries seeking sustainable profits. These regulations stipulate a prescribed limit on water extraction, and mandate practices like rainwater harvesting, to preserve the groundwater table.

At Forbes Marshall, we understand the significance of this equilibrium. With 3 several industries relying on approximately 100 m of daily water extraction for their production processes, the stakes are high. Yet, they struggle with the challenge of optimising their borewell usage.

Groundwater levels fluctuate seasonally and are not uniform beneath the surface. This is where Forbes Marshall aids you. We conduct comprehensive monthly assessments, monitoring groundwater levels and offering insights into borewell maintenance patterns. Our expertise also extends to calculating the precise 3 m /KW of electricity required for each borewell motor. We also account for the variability in pump efficiency.

We partner with you to help run your operations seamlessly and efficiently by providing essential insights and data-driven solutions, safeguarding your production processes while staying compliant with government regulations.





Real-time Salinity Measurement

Gain insight into the right time to replace water extraction equipment.

Asset Health and Uptime Maintenance

Ensure the optimal performance of borewell pumps, valves, meters, and pipeline accessories.

Operational SOPs

Craft standardised operating procedures for efficient groundwater extraction.




Enhanced Water Accountability

Accurate, real-time extraction data to prevent NRV failures and ensure precise measurement of groundwater extracted.

Achieve a 1.5% reduction in groundwater and borewell water consumption.

Energy Efficiency

Realise a 1.5% electricity saving per m3/KW by identifying the most efficient borewell for water extraction, optimising the process.



Water Quality Improvement

Hardness analysis enables predictive measures for downstream treatment process optimisation.



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