How our digital services came to be

Our on-the-ground experience with customers showed us that over time, plants often could not sustain benefits they achieved through our product solutions. These benefits could deteriorate for many reasons, including operating practices, a lack of awareness and expertise, dynamic process variations or equipment downtime due to incorrect maintenance practices.

We addressed this issue through services: helping customers address challenges around design, uptime, operating practices and troubleshooting. We maintained our approach of specialised site visits by our engineers; however, we believed we could do more. Today, with our digital services, our teams are no longer limited by physical presence at the site and are instead connected to our customers’ plants 24x7, enabling a much deeper and more real-time understanding of process challenges





Why partner with Forbes Marshall digital services

Our digital services are uniquely positioned to deliver benefits to our customers. We can now combine our digital offerings with our extensive product basket, our wide physical reach, and our process and utility expertise, sharpened over decades to go far beyond connectivity. Today, our engineers can understand the plant through both physical visits and analysis of real-time plant data, determine anomalies based on this deep understanding, and provide timely corrective actions to improve plant health and deliver meaningful savings to our customers. By combining the strengths we have built over time with our new digital offerings, we can reimagine the extent to which we deliver process and energy efficiency and build long-term collaborative partnerships with customers.

Our digital services impact uptime and reliability, productivity, efficiency, safety and environment across 3 levels: Plant, Equipment and Device.